Commemorative cards

Vleuten, 20-11-2023

Dear friends and sponsors of the HNGF,

This fall, the HNGF celebrates its 10th anniversary!

We are a small foundation with a stable group of donors with whom we have achieved a lot on a modest scale. We have been involved in various initiatives, such as setting up classrooms, purchasing school supplies, paying teachers’ annual salaries, replacing broken washing machines, acquiring mattresses, and providing warm blankets in the monasteries. In Sikkim, thanks to your donations, we have been able to send two girls from poor families to school for many years and, if necessary, to the doctor. This has prevented them from being sold. Every child counts, and what might seem like a small gesture for us has had a significant impact on them. Without your help, the outcome would have been different. Now, we are looking ahead to the next 10 years.

After a 4-year break, we will be going to India again in December. There, we hope to finally meet our contacts again and make new arrangements. In January, you will be informed about the follow-up.

For now, we wish you a very pleasant December in the company of your loved ones. The darker it gets outside, the more lights make the inside cozy. Maybe you’ll even send one of those cozy, old-fashioned Christmas cards? You can order a set of 6 cards to send in honor of our 10th anniversary by sending an email to! The suggested price is 10 euros per set, but any amount is welcome!

We want to thank you very much for your involvement and generosity! We will continue to make a difference together in 2023-2024!

Best regards,

Mirjam Bezemer, Ursula Heine, and Hans Gerritsen