About us

Himalaya’s Next Generation Foundation (HNGF) is a registered charity, established on 16-10-2013, based in¬†Vleuten, The Netherlands.

The board members are: Mirjam Bezemer (chairman, secretary), Hans Gerritsen (treasurer) and Ursula Heine (general member).

In daily life, Mirjam Bezemer is employed as a geriatric specialist doctor. On several occasions she has worked as a volunteer in a health care project in Northern India. This experience has motivated her to contribute to the development of children in particular.

Hans Gerritsen is a retired professor in Biophysics and for a long time he is inspired by Buddhism and the culture in the Himalaya area. By working as a volunteer at the HNGF he hopes to contribute to improved living conditions for children in the Himalaya area.


ursulaUrsula Heine-Varias has worked as a general practitioner in Germay, Freiburg. She has worked as a volunteer in a healthcare project in India and experienced how poverty prevents children to develop. That motivates her to support the HNGF.

This initiative would not have been possible without the patient and selfless efforts of some friends. Special thanks to: Stefanie van den Berg for creating the website, William Hanhart for designing the logo, Karin jansen for her expertise, Zsolt Benedek-Koteles for sharing the pictures, Shirley Hutter for the translation into English and Anna Bach for her advice and facilitating our activities in Nepal.

Special thanks to Lama Ole Nydahl and His Eminence Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, without their stimulus this plan would never have blossomed.